Tue. Dec 6th, 2022

The times now have changed vastly to bring a modern revolution in almost all things that you use everyday. The old, huge televisions have been replaced with flat screens that have either plasma or LCD screens. Similarly, the movies too have undergone a drastic change and hold a major part in modernizing the world. Somehow, people predicted earlier that the third generation will come to existence and so the 3D movies were taken even long back. How come the movie makers knew that 3D will be the future world? But, with no reason to explain, the third generation is making its heavy tread in the upcoming year.

The televisions too are ready to be influenced with the 3D technology. All television manufacturers have been working on 3D TV since long time and almost every one of them are ready to launch the 3D TV at their earnest. The technology behind the 3D television is not too vague to be understood. It is called as stereoscopic technology, which is adopted by the televisions produced with the 3D technology. To brief about the stereoscopic technology, it displays the images on the television screen as one for each eye that is typically a brain fooling technique with the help of the eyes. This simple logic converts 2D screen into a 3D one. It is not a big issue at all to produce 3D screens, with just a meager change in normal technology adopted.

Moreover, the 2D films too can be visualized as a 3D movie with the help of the 3D televisions. The 3D television is not exclusively meant for 3D viewing, but it also supports 2D normal television watching too. The 3D viewing in that case operates in conjunction with the LCD shutter glasses that are manufactures as a part of the 3D television itself. The LCD shutter glasses perform the function of instructing the eye of which image to be watched that is featured at that particular moment. This instruction is given to the LCD shutter glasses by the TV. Thus, a stereoscopic image, as named form the technology, is created. This remains the simple logic behind the working of a 3D television.

The other noted features of this television on 3D technology are that they have a refresh rate of 120 Hz that is higher than the normal. Also for the input and output, these 3D TVs support HDMI 1.4 usually. This HDMI of version 1.4 was introduced in June 2009. mi tv 5x It basically holds the formats necessary for 3D transmission. And the mandatory format for 3D televisions is the “Format Packing” that packs both left and right images into a single video frame and transmitted with a higher bandwidth twice than the normal one. The resolutions that are mandatory are 720p60, 720p50 and 1080p24. These are to be supported by the display devices so that any 3D movie or something can be viewed without constricting to a single format.

The playback system must support at least one of the above resolutions. And when speaking of the 3D televisions, the question in every one’s mind is about the eye glasses. But luckily, the 3D TVs that are manufactured follow a technology that does not recommend any glasses for 3D viewing. Though, some 3D products now use 3D glasses for the 3D viewing. But, you can be sure of a real life experience with the 3D TVs. It will generally be a life like image thing and even nicer if things seem like around you, engrossing you in that world of reality! The 3D televisions will come with high definition, crystal clear pictures and the magic of taking you into the wonderful world.

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